Kristen Curry is an intuitive artist, maker and herbalist living in Portland, Oregon. She is a lover of beauty and ritual, and invites others to pursue self care through the ancient arts of henna and Ayurveda. She has a strong respect for plants as medicine, and the potency of ritual in today’s society.

Her creativity combines with her love of connection through the physical application of henna, she specializes in traditional inspired designs applied in a free form style. She has studied and apprenticed both in the United States and in Northern India.

“One of the many reasons I love henna, besides its obvious creative element and beauty, is that it is a point of connection and blessing. When I give a henna tattoo, I am not only giving a gift of art and participating in an ancient tradition, I am being given an opportunity to connect to the recipient, and I try to take that opportunity to recognize and affirm the beauty and worth in that person.

When a person decides to receive henna, they are deciding to celebrate themselves, or a special occasion. When they come to me, I have the honor to participate in that celebration, by manifesting it visually. I basically get to connect with people, give them royal treatment, and create walking works of art… which is awesome.”