SAT NOV 11 at the Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants in the Darjeeling Room, 1-4 pm.

Interested in learning the ancient art of henna?

This Basic Henna course is beginner friendly, and will cover the history and cultural significance of henna, the chemistry and steps to making fresh henna paste, and an introduction to basic elements of henna design and tools of the craft. Students will have the opportunity to observe expert application, and practice the basic elements of design themselves hands on- first on paper, then on themselves, and finally, on each other. Once you have mastered the basic elements of design, you can put them together in endless combinations to create your own design. You will leave this class with body art, handouts and practice sheets, and the tips and tricks you need to practice independently.

$75 for course, hands on application, supplies and chai tea. To purchase your ticket, visit