Henna Aftercare

Henna Tattoo Aftercare

The color and longevity of your henna tattoo is determined by several factors, including what part of the body is tattooed, how long you leave the paste on after application, your paste removal method, and how you care for your henna tattoo. A typical henna tattoo will have good color 5-10 days and fade in 1-3 weeks, give or take. Below are tips for achieving a strong, lasting stain:

  • Keep henna paste on as long as possible (4-12 hours, or overnight is ideal)
  • When the paste has dried in appearance, sealing it with a lemon juice and sugar spray will help preserve the paste and deepen the color. (I provide this service for my clients.)
  • Keep the area of application and your body warm if possible.
  • Do NOT scrub off dried paste with soap and water. Gently scrape off dried henna, using olive oil or lemon juice to help remove stubborn bits of dried henna if needed.
  • Avoid contact with water on the henna tattoo for the rest of the day.
  • The less contact with water your tattoo has, the deeper and longer lasting the stain will be.
  • Tip: Apply olive or coconut oil on tattoo before showering or getting wet. Wear gloves when washing dishes.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners, chlorine, scented lotions, and abrasive soaps/scrubs. If you swim, apply a spray bandage sealer over your tattoo first.
  • Tattoo will darken over the next 24-72 hours.