Prenatal Henna

Celebrate your transition into motherhood

$90 per hr

Many women decide to receive henna to celebrate the life of their child, and and/or their transition into motherhood. Its inclusion makes any baby shower or blessingway ceremony beautiful and meaningful. A unique belly design can be designed for the expectant mother, or the more traditional adornment of hands and feet. Henna is also a beautiful and striking addition to your prenatal photos! (A large belly design takes about an hour to apply.)

Prenatal ritual henna is usually are administered in the 3rd trimester.

Mother and Baby Blessing Ritual


Ritual includes:

  • Washing of the belly in floral water
  • Henna (your choice of a unique belly design, OR the hands and a soothing foot soak)
  • A preparation of herbal tea.
  • Optional sage or incense.
  • An appointment to receive FREE finger designs in the first month following the birth of your child, in congratulations!
  • {Optional} Facial, hand, and neck massages by a licensed therapist may be added for an additional fee. Inquire when booking.


Lauren P.
Portland, Oregon

It turned out beautifully!

 I hired Kristen to do my prenatal henna, and I am so glad I did! I had always wanted to have it done, and this being my final planned pregnancy, I decided it’s now or never! Kristen was extremely warm, and took extra care to make sure I was comfortable. I was amazed at her ability to create an intricate design as she went along, and it turned out beautifully! I had arranged for my mother to watch my toddler, and cannot express how glorious it was to just sit and relax, with soothing music and be pampered. Would highly recommend!