Henna Services

Individual Henna Designs: by private appointment.
Prices vary based on size and intricacy of design.

Party/Event rates: $75 per hour, $15 travel fee. (We are based in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon) *Outside of Portland city limits, 2 hr minimum required.

When booking events and sessions in advance, you will be asked to put down a deposit. This deposit may be made online, using PayPal. Cancellations 24 hrs notice, please.

Bridal Henna: A rich tradition! Include henna as part of your wedding festivities! We are available to provide henna services for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or your sangeet.

Bridal henna is priced according to intricacy of design and application time. Henna designs for guests follow our event rates. ($90 per hour for the bride, $80 per hour guests/bridal party, $15 travel fee)

Considerations when booking bridal mehndi: Henna achieves its richest color 48 hrs after its initial application. Therefore, the bride will want to book her apt 2 days before her wedding dayfor the most striking appearance/darkest stain.

Rite of Passage/ Intentional Healing: The heart of what I do. I love to facilitate opportunities for transformational growth and blessing, art and action. If you are seeking healing, a fresh start, intentional ritual symbolism with an intuitive artist, or want a custom henna design created for a specific purpose, please contact me.

These private sessions may be supplemented by tea, aromatherapy, music, ect. (Must book at least 48 hrs in advance)

Private Tea and Henna Sessions: For individuals, or small groups. Recipients receive will receive henna, preparation(s) of fine tea, accompanied by incense and dark chocolate. Prices vary depending on intricacy of design, tea preferences, and number of participants. Call or email for an estimate.

Tarot reading: NEW! We now  offer tarot readings as an optional add-on to our henna services for individuals and small groups.

PrenatalHenna/Baby Blessings: Many women decide to receive henna to celebrate the life of their child, and and/or their transition into motherhood. Its inclusion makes any baby shower or blessing way ceremony beautiful and meaningful. A unique belly design can be designed for the expecting mother, or the more traditional adornment of hands and feet. Henna is also a beautiful and striking addition to your prenatal photos!

Pregnancy Henna: A private appt, usually by the hour, price varies on size and intricacy of design. $90 per hr.

Baby Blessing Ritual: Includes the washing of the belly in floral water, henna (your choice of a unique belly design or the hands and toes, or hands and a soothing footsoak,) incense, and a preparation of herbal tea. (Usually done in the 3rd trimester, traditionally in the eighth month) Approx. 1 ½-2 hrs, $125-$150 Mothers who have received this service, may book an apt to receive FREE finger designs in the first month following the birth of their child, in congratulations!

*For an additional fee, facial, hand, and head and neck massages by a licensed therapist may be added onto this service.

Educational: WhiteHeart Henna is happy to share about the history, cultural traditions, geographical origins and the practical chemistry of henna, in addition to its application. If you or your school/community group/organization is interested in a class or a presentation, please contact us. Schools are eligible for a discounted rate.

Personalized, therapeutic aromatherapy products and massage oils for massage therapists and individuals. See Products, or contact for a consultation.

Gift Certificates also available…see Products.

Ayurvedic and 100% natural skincare locally made in Portland, OR. Most of our products are vegan, and those that are not may be prepared so by request … see Products.